About Threat Detection System


Situational awareness or situation awareness (SA) is the perception systems and events with respect to time or space, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their future status. With Hellfire Security, you’ll know about all the suspicious activity on your network. You’ll have situational awareness because you’ll know about violations of policy, outsiders trying to influence your network, and risky user behavior. You know about it all. A large part of our effectiveness comes from having developed a thorough technical methodology that is reliable, repeatable and that definitely goes well beyond automated tools:

Characterize Flows
  • Determine when, and for how long the exchange took place
  • Determine how much data was being exchanged and over what ports
Determine Disposition
  • Enumerate Threat Indicators from a wide range of both public and private sources
  • Match what happened with possible scenarios to determinedly the most likely reason for the events seen
Profile Hosts
  • Determine the identity of the source, the owner of the source, and what its being used for
  • Determine the identity of the destination, the owner of the destination, and what its being use for

Incident Notification

When an incident is identified, you will be notified immediately, and depending on the severity, be contacted by email or phone so that you can counter the threat.

Regular Reports

Monthly Reports keep you aware of what’s going on in your network, and provides, at a glance, a record of everything that happened over that month. Quarterly reports let you know what gaps were discovered in your defenses and how to close them. Supplementary reports are also available and let you know such things as who violated policy or what attackers are interested in the most.

Types of Sensors

Packet Filters

Hellfire Security can monitor your enterprise with packet filters like switches and routers.

Traditional Firewalls

Hellfire Security can also monitor your enterprise with stateful firewalls whether standalones or integrated like the Cisco ASA.

Next-Generation Firewalls

And Hellfire Security can monitor your enterprise with Next-Generation firewalls too.

Why choose Hellfire Security as your threat detection partner

  • Insurance companies, financial institutions, and telecommunications companies are some of the most security conscious companies in the world. They could work with anybody but they choose to work with the best. They choose to work with Hellfire Security.
  • Hellfire’s intrusion analysts are required to hold the SANS GIAC Certified Intrusion Analysts (GCIA) certification and bring many years of security experience to help our customers address their complex issues.
  • System profiling, baselining activity, and remaining context-aware minimize false positives and protect against emerging threats.
  • Our alerts provide valuable insights into what happened and what you need to do to investigate the threat, to mitigate the damage, and to remediate the risk. All provided in an easy to understand alert that allow you to take immediate action.
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