Adversary Emulation


Situational awareness is the perception of systems and events with respect to time or space, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their future status. You’ll have situational awareness because you’ll know where you are vulnerable. You’ll know what systems could be compromised and you will know what data, then, might be at risk. You know about it all. More importantly, you will be able to do something about it. A large part of our effectiveness comes from having developed a thorough technical methodology that is reliable, repeatable and that definitely goes well beyond automated tools:

Plant Threat
  • Identify threat actor that is relevant to you
  • Enumerate their Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs)
Execute Campaign
  • Mimic their TTP within your environment
  • Proceed through the environment the way the selected threat actor would
Reconcile Response
  • Measure your detection
  • Measure your response
  • Identify gaps

Added Benefits

Unlimited and unmetered assistance

Our team will then help you take the necessary steps to tune your sensors so that they can detect anything that you missed during the emulation.

Technical Report

At the conclusion of the emulation, Hellfire Security provides you with a report showing what you detected and what you did not so that you can make the changes necessary to detect the threat should it ever appear again. More importantly, you will know whether you or not you would be able to stop it.

Why choose Hellfire Security as your adversary emulation partner

  • Insurance companies, financial institutions, and telecommunications companies are some of the most security conscious companies in the world. They could work with anybody but they choose to work with the best. They choose to work with Hellfire Security.
  • Our team members undergo extensive training, speak at Defcon and Blackhat regularly, and have earned industry certifications, including GXPN, GPEN, GCIA, OSCP, and CISSP.
  • We create and execute attack scenarios mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework. Everything the selected adversary does, from lateral movement to exfiltration, we do too.
  • We compare what we do with what you detect to determine where your gaps lie. We determine whether your response would have been enough to stop the real thing.
  • Our emulations provide valuable, actionable insights into visibility gaps, inadequate responses, business impact of breaches, and remediation steps. All provided in an easy to understand report that allow you to take immediate action.
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